Rams Reflections

Rams Reflect: Baseball's Kevin Belskie

Rams Reflect: Baseball's Kevin Belskie

The 2017 Rams Reflect is the second in a series of annual collections. Senior captains and representatives of Suffolk teams have been invited to contribute viewpoints based on personal experience from both their senior seasons and full varsity careers at Suffolk. 

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Kevin Belskie, Baseball | Hometown: Norristown, Pa. | Business Open

The only way I can begin this reflection, is by stating that transferring to Suffolk University has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I transferred as a sophomore in the fall of 2014, filled with uncertainty and apprehension; I was hundreds of miles from my family in Norristown, Pennsylvania. After I made it through my first fall ball season I knew I had made the right choice; I had just made 30 close friends.

My first season at Suffolk was somewhat tumultuous, like any season there were peaks and valleys. However, we won the GNAC tournament for the first time in five years and any low point experienced that year seemed insignificant. I realized that feeling of accomplishment, of winning the conference championship, was something I wanted to feel every year for the rest of my college career. The last two years were both more successful than my first year. Last year our team had the second most wins in school history at 33. This year we returned eight seniors and we three-peated for the first time in program history.

I have spent a majority of my time at Suffolk in Ridgeway, either in the lounge hanging out with teammates, or in the weight room getting ready for the season. I want to thank everyone in Ridgeway, the athletic department, and our coaching staff for supporting us over the years and making everything we’ve achieved possible. This school year we were lucky enough to have a brand-new varsity weight room and fitness center; thank you Michael and Larry Smith for your generous contribution. They embody the sense of camaraderie, family, and community we develop as student-athletes at Suffolk. I can only hope to give back to future student athletes, what they have given back to my teammates and myself.

My teammates have been my best friends and family for the past three years. I have established lifelong connections that stretch across the country. The accolades, at-bats, and the game itself will be something from which I will move on; however, being able to spend every day with my best friends at practice or on van rides to and from games is what I will miss the most. Our yearly trip to Florida was what I looked forward to all year. Another unforgettable experience has been playing in the NCAA regional tournament. I am grateful that I can do this one more time, as this will be our third straight appearance.

These past three years have made me not only a better baseball player, but a better and more resilient person. I’ve become a Mutt, which is our self-identified mascot. We come from different places and backgrounds, but we grind through any obstacles that come our way. To be a Mutt you have to smile in the face of adversity and welcome challenges because without struggle, there can be no progress.

The success we have earned has been something that I will look back on from time to time, but the friendships and memories I’ve made are something I’ll always cherish. Teammates share a special bond, but teammates who win championships together, their bond lasts forever. I’d give anything to be able to continue these memories; I would even run our 7 a.m. sprints in a heart beat to have another season with all of my teammates and coaches.

I wish all of my teammates the best of luck as they continue their college career. I am very thankful that this program and University welcomed me with open arms; it has truly been the best experience of my life.