Rams Reflect: Softball's Jaclyn Flint

Rams Reflect: Softball's Jaclyn Flint

The 2019 Rams Reflect is the third in a series of annual collections. Senior captains and representatives of Suffolk teams have been invited to contribute viewpoints based on personal experience from both their senior seasons and full varsity careers at Suffolk. 

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Jaclyn Flint| Hometown: Medfield, Mass. | Business Management

To think I’ve been playing softball almost my entire life and as it officially comes to an end it makes me look back and cherish my time as a Suffolk Ram.

My experience: As a walk-on freshman at Suffolk, I quickly realized that I was starting out at a different level than the recruited players and would have to put in some serious work to establish myself as a key member of the team. I made a choice to accept this challenge and knew that if I truly wanted to help my team, I’d have to keep an open-mind, step out of my comfort zone, and make sacrifices to become the player that you could count on, no matter the situation. Because of this, I played just about every position aside from catcher and first base which took my understanding of the game to a deeper level.  

During this time, I learned the true meaning of mental toughness and dedication. I loved figuring out what it meant to show up and work hard for myself and for the team. I learned the importance of encouraging the person next to you whether on the field or in the weight room and just being there for whoever needs you. After all, as coach says, “It’s not about you it’s about the team”— a great reminder that not only applies to sports, but all of life’s challenges.

As I sit here and reflect, I am grateful for those 6 a.m. workouts, fit tests, practices, training, and other time commitments. I truly believe that the bond and camaraderie we developed on and off the field, allowed us to rise above the challenges (both big and small) together. I feel lucky knowing what it’s like to play on a collegiate team and having that support system in place throughout my college career. There’s no greater comfort than knowing someone always has your back and will be there to push you to your true potential, while all working towards a common goal. I am so fortunate to know the true meaning of teamwork, perseverance, and commitment. And because of the amazing four-year experience I had as a Suffolk Ram, I know I am well prepared for life outside of the softball diamond. 

To my parents: Thank you for attending almost every single game throughout my entire softball career (and an extra thank you for the ones you brought Druska to!) Thank you for always being there to cheer me on from the stands, behind the backstop, or way out in the outfield (Dad). Thank you for all the time you spent driving me to practices, lessons, games, and everything in between. You allowed me to follow my passion and grow into the strongest player I could be. I can’t imagine being as successful as I was without your love and support. 

To my teammates: It was an amazing ride. I loved being your captain my final year. I will cherish all the memories, laughs, and sometimes tears. Being your teammate has been rewarding and the bond we formed will always be so special to me. I look forward to keeping in touch with you all and can’t wait to watch you all grow.

To my coaches: Thank you for the consistent support and encouragement throughout my early years until now, my senior and final year of collegiate softball. The trust you had in my abilities helped me remain confident and encouraged me to excel the way I knew I had to in order to compete. I will continue to keep in touch with each and every one of you! Thank you all again for believing in me. 

Love you all!
Go Rams!  
JAX #6