Rams Reflect: Women's Hockey's Tess Adams

Rams Reflect: Women's Hockey's Tess Adams

The 2019 Rams Reflect is the third in a series of annual collections. Senior captains and representatives of Suffolk teams have been invited to contribute viewpoints based on personal experience from both their senior seasons and full varsity careers at Suffolk. 

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Tess Adams | Hometown: Calgary, Alberta | Biology

To my teammates, 

It was you guys that made this single year, one of the best in my past four years. I had little to no expectations coming in, and my experience this year was more than I could have ever imagined. Most of you guys still have so much left in your college careers, but I just wanted to express how thankful I am for making Suffolk feel like home. Being a first year team, it was us who had to shape the dynamic of our program, starting from scratch. Anyone can spend just five minutes in our locker room and sense how close we have all become in such a short amount of time. 

Transferring to this school and being on this team with you guys has been one of the best decisions in my whole college career. I was a little nervous and apprehensive thinking about starting all over for my senior year. However when I got onto campus, right from the start, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming to each other. This was something that was new to me, and quite frankly, a little shocking, but in the best way. I want to thank you guys for making the team a comfortable environment for all of us. I thought that it was impossible for a group of girls to hang out day after day without any drama, however you guys proved me wrong. Thank you for making it easy for me to be a leader on this team. It was crazy how supportive everyone was, especially as I passed important milestones such as my 100th point and my Senior Game. On other teams those events may have not seemed as special to me, however you guys helped me feel appreciated and excited about the sport I have loved for so long. 

I want to tell you guys to enjoy every second of your college experience. Be thankful during every pre-season skate, during every practice, every team lift, and especially during every single game. Being on a team is something that is so special, but is something that is easily taken for granted. We all only have around 100 college games in our careers and it is hard to tell what comes after that. Enjoy every bag skate, every back-checking drill, every mini-game and all the things in between. Four years go by faster than I can even start to explain and my only advice is to always give everything you have, enjoy every moment and cherish the memories you are making because they will truly last a lifetime. This has by far been the best year yet, and you all are so lucky to spend your next four years on this team; I really wish that was an option for me. 

I would also like to thank Coach Taylor, Coach Kim, our Trainer Erin,Amy and everyone in Suffolk Athletics for making this inaugural season unreal. Without their hard work and endless dedication, all of this would be impossible.